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Tag Number: Tag17-583   
Name: Roxy   Picture of Roxy
Gender/Altered: Female Altered
Age/DOB:  5/1/2014 
Breed(s)/Purebred: Mastiff Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix
Colors: Brown 
Color Pattern: Brindle 
Size/Weight Large 
Collar Color/Type:   
Available for Adoption: 7/29/2017 
Intake Status: Returned 
Notes: Meet Roxy, this beautiful girl is strong, smart and the best snuggler! Roxy does prefer to be the alpha in the home so she will need to meet other dogs currently in the home or be your one and only. Roxy is housetrained and loves to play outside, she enjoys children but will require the adults to walk her; strong girl but well mannered. Stop on by for a visit, if not Roxy maybe another one of our adoptable pets will steal your heart. 

Tag Number: Tag17-877   
Name: Mickey  Picture of Mickey
Gender/Altered: Male Altered
Age/DOB:  6/1/2012 
Breed(s)/Purebred: Pit Bull Terrier  Mix
Colors: White Gray
Color Pattern:  
Size/Weight Large 
Collar Color/Type:   
Available for Adoption: 7/11/2017 
Intake Status: Stray 
Where Found: Hartland Rd/ Circle J Ct Fenton, MI, 48430 
Notes: LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this big lug! Handsome, great temperament, playful, cuddly the all around good American bully. Mickey has played well with other dogs here at the shelter and does not seem to mind cat (this is on passing, not face to face contact). Mickey loves to romp outside but can take a good snooze in the office too. Lovely boy would fit in to pretty much any home....also please do not look at his age and think he is older and lazy this boy has lots of fun left in him.  

Tag Number: Tag17-882   
Name: Hailee  Picture of Hailee
Gender/Altered: Female Altered
Age/DOB:  3/1/2016 
Breed(s)/Purebred: Husky Collie Mix
Colors: Tan White
Color Pattern:  
Size/Weight Medium 
Collar Color/Type: Purple Nylon 
Available for Adoption: 7/19/2017 
Intake Status: Stray 
Where Found: Allen and Owosso Rds. 
Notes: Meet Hailee! This enthusiastic girl loves to romp and play, she would be a great companion for a runner or active family. Hailee loves to play with her dog buddies here at the shelter and can not get enough of the dog park. After a good walk Hailee will come up to the office and chill on the dog bed with a nice frozen peanut butter filled Kong. Hailee might be too much for young children as she does need more training with jumping and pulling when walking. This sweet girl has so much to offer and super smart, just needs the right home with owners that will be patient and work with her.  

Tag Number: Tag17-957   
Name: Duke  Picture of Duke
Gender/Altered: Male Unaltered
Age/DOB:  7/1/2015 
Breed(s)/Purebred: German Shepherd Dog  Mix
Colors: Black 
Color Pattern:  
Size/Weight Medium 
Collar Color/Type:   
Intake Status: Surrender 
Notes: Check out this face! Duke was surrendered by his owners as they could not provide proper care any longer and now he needs to find his new family. Duke has lived with other dogs and seems to be ok but would still need to meet others in the home first. (we are unsure of cats) Duke is very strong and will require a fenced yard, he loves his romps in the yard and could play with a tennis ball all day. Being a shepherd mix Duke loves water, long walks/running, can be protective but with proper training only in a positive way. This smart boy will sit and lay down on command....he speaks too! We say no small children (10 and older) because he is so big and strong, his personality may be one that could become jealous of the children, he seeks attention from his people. Duke will have his medical completed Thursday and available for adoption Friday. (recovering very well from untreated allergies) 

Tag Number: Tag17-963   
Name: Wyatt  Picture of Wyatt
Gender/Altered: Male Altered
Age/DOB:  7/1/2008 
Breed(s)/Purebred: Border Collie  Mix
Colors: Gray White
Color Pattern:  
Size/Weight Medium 
Collar Color/Type:   
Available for Adoption: 7/26/2017 
Intake Status: Stray 
Where Found: Found in Hamburg, Michigan . Severe hair loss 
Notes: Currently being treated my our staff veterinarian for skin condition, seeking any information on the owner, if you know who or where this sweet boy belongs we just want more information from the owner. Available for adoption when our vet is comfortable with him being placed. :)  

Tag Number: Tag17-976   
Name: Idy  Picture of Idy
Gender/Altered: Female Unaltered
Age/DOB:  7/1/2016 
Breed(s)/Purebred: Rottweiler Shepherd Mix
Colors: Tan Black
Color Pattern:  
Size/Weight Medium 
Collar Color/Type: Orange Nylon 
Available for Adoption: 7/28/2017 
Intake Status: Stray 
Where Found: Glen Mary Dr/ Hanna Ct Byron, MI, 48418 
Notes: Waiting to hear back from the owner, if not claimed she will be spayed 7/27/17 and available for adoption 7/28/17 after 11am.  

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