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Tag Number: Tag17-1147   
Name: Kegger  Picture of Kegger
Gender/Altered: Male Altered
Age/DOB:  8/1/2010 
Breed(s)/Purebred: Pit Bull Terrier  Mix
Colors: Blue Brown
Color Pattern:  
Size/Weight Extra-large 
Collar Color/Type: Red Nylon 
Available for Adoption: 8/24/2017 
Intake Status: Stray 
Where Found: Found on front porch of house on Jane Avenue, Brighton 
Notes: My name is Kegger and I'm looking for a new home after being adopted and returned ONLY because the landlord said I looked too scary. What? Scary. Really do you see this face, it hurts from all the smiling I do. My personality matches my size....big and soft! I love people; adults and children. I play well with other dogs and enjoy the company on walks and in the home. Shelter staff are great and have started me on a diet which my new owners should continue, this will benefit my health and life span in the long run. I love cuddling and would love someone that will allow me to climb up on the couch (probably in your lap) to watch t.v. and relax. This of course would be after my long walk....lol. Stop by to visit and ask staff any further questions you may have.  

Tag Number: Tag17-1167   
Name: Travis  Picture of Travis
Gender/Altered: Male Altered
Age/DOB:  8/1/2015 
Breed(s)/Purebred: Pit Bull Terrier  Mix
Colors: Tan White
Color Pattern:  
Size/Weight Medium 
Collar Color/Type:   
Available for Adoption: 8/29/2017 
Intake Status: Stray 
Where Found: Grand River Rd and Emmerson Rd, Fowlerville, MI 
Notes: Mr. Casanova, Travis loves all the ladies, he plays so gently with them and loves their company. In true stud form Travis is not a fan of male dogs, he does not care for them to be around sharing his space. Travis loves people and enjoys long walks, he can be excitable when he first gets out of the kennel but is quick to settle down on a walk or at the dog park. Travis is great at giving his toys back and takes treats well.  

Tag Number: Tag17-1313   
Name: Jack  Picture of Jack
Gender/Altered: Male Altered
Age/DOB:  9/1/2012 
Breed(s)/Purebred: Jack Russell Terrier  Mix
Colors: White Brown
Color Pattern:  
Size/Weight Small 
Collar Color/Type: Blue Nylon 
Available for Adoption: 9/19/2017 
Intake Status: Stray 
Where Found: E Hamburg Road/N. Dexter in Pinckney 

Tag Number: Tag17-1318   
Name: Domino  Picture of Domino
Gender/Altered: Female Altered
Age/DOB:  8/22/2016 
Breed(s)/Purebred: Bull Terrier  Mix
Colors: White Gray
Color Pattern:  
Size/Weight Medium 
Collar Color/Type:   
Intake Status: Surrender 
Notes: Compact and cuddly this sweet girl loves to play with her friends in the yard and enjoys hanging out in the office too. Domino just came to us from DACC and is settling in fine. We need her adopter to be aware that she was just spayed and will need 10 days of rest to recover. This will be a great time to have her crated/confined to recoup and also work on housetraining schedules.  

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