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Tag Number: Tag17-1670   
Name: Baylor  Picture of Baylor
Gender/Altered: Male Altered
Age/DOB:  11/1/2015 
Breed(s)/Purebred: Black and Tan Coonhound  Mix
Colors: Black Brown
Color Pattern: Spotted 
Size/Weight Medium 
Collar Color/Type: Black Nylon 
Available for Adoption: 11/10/2017 
Intake Status: Stray 
Where Found: Hartland Meijer, Hartland, MI 
Notes: Meet Baylor, handsome and ready to work. Baylor came to LCAS as a stray dragging a very long tie out, why no one came looking we do not know. This boy is so sweet, he likes other dogs, he liked the cat he met, he's great with people, enjoys long walks and will alert you to any danger. Baylor's very smart and will sit on command, he is very treat motivated so teaching him new things should be easy. We cannot say he is housetrained completely but with a little work and/or crate training Baylor would pick it up in no time. He may be a hunting dog or he may be a couch potato looking for a better life. All we can tell you is he deserves a second chance to have a home.  

Tag Number: Tag2011-456   
Name: Roscoe  Picture of Roscoe
Gender/Altered: Male Altered
Age/DOB:  4/1/2009 
Breed(s)/Purebred: Papillon Pomeranian Mix
Colors: Tri 
Color Pattern:  
Size/Weight Small 
Collar Color/Type:   
Available for Adoption: 11/1/2017 
Intake Status: Stray 
Where Found: Hartland Rd and State Rd, Fenton, MI  
Notes: Sweet Roscoe came to us as a stray with terrible skin issues our veterinarian has sent out multiple bloodwork panels to discover he has Alopecia X, Alopecia X causes symmetrical hair loss from both sides of a dog's body. Hair loss begins on the torso, and usually spreads to the rear thighs, but usually doesn't affect the head, neck, chest or front legs. The skin of the affected area may darken in color. More notes can be seen in his medical packet at the shelter. Roscoe was micro-chipped but the owner has never made contact with the shelter so now he finds himself looking for a forever home that can continue the care he will need for his skin. So far Roscoe has been super sweet with staff, he's a great walker and loves to be dressed up....he has the most stylish winter parka. Roscoe's particular about his doggie friends so other dogs in the home must have a meet and greet. (we have not checked him with cats) Total lap boy and loves to be the center of attention, Roscoe enjoys his romps around the play yard and then a nice ride in the car to get a snack. Stop by to see his wonderful personality, he hasn't met a person yet he doesn't love. Adoption Fee $140 includes all medical completed and a copy of all the bloodwork we have sent out.  

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