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Tag Number: Tag14-2875   
Name: Evey   Picture of Evey
Gender/Altered: Female Altered
Age/DOB:  4/1/2014 
Breed(s)/Purebred: Shepherd Labrador Retriever Mix
Colors: Brown Black
Color Pattern:  
Size/Weight Medium 
Collar Color/Type:   
Available for Adoption: 9/25/2015 
Intake Status: Returned 
Notes: Great with kids , loves to play outside and take walks.. Owners surrender her because they did not have the time to spend with her. Tons of puppy love.. If you have a dog please bring by the shelter for a meet and greet. We say no small children due to her jumping and needing some training. Must have fence in yard. All adopters would need to fill out a pre-adopt form. 

Tag Number: Tag15-2290   
Name: Bonnie  Picture of Bonnie
Gender/Altered: Female Altered
Age/DOB:  10/1/2011 
Breed(s)/Purebred: Coonhound Pointer Mix
Colors: Black Brown
Color Pattern:  
Size/Weight Medium 
Collar Color/Type: Green Nylon 
Available for Adoption: 10/29/2015 
Intake Status: Stray 
Where Found: Parkwood & Diftwood in Fenton. Wearing John Deer collar.  
Notes: Bonnie is your typical coon with a very gentle heart. She loves her walks. Needs some guidance along the way though. NO CATS.. Too interested and will bark at them. She has a beautiful coat. Come for a visit at the shelter to see.  

Tag Number: Tag15-2487   
Name: Max  Picture of Max
Gender/Altered: Male Altered
Age/DOB:  5/1/2014 
Breed(s)/Purebred: Mastiff Husky Mix
Colors: Tri 
Color Pattern: Brindle 
Size/Weight Medium 
Collar Color/Type:   
Available for Adoption: 11/24/2015 
Intake Status: Surrender 
Notes: Max is currently in a foster home, please call before coming to visit so we can set up a meeting.  

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